I’m not usually a great sales shopper, I normally find the stuffed racks too overwhelming and rarely find something I like in my size. However after being on a shopping break over the last few months I was searching the sales for some new pieces for my upcoming holiday. I was significantly more successful sales shopping online so I thought I’d share a few of… View Post

As those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter may know at the end of July I jetted off to Germany to visit Munich with my boyfriend Sam. Our mini city tour took us from Munich to Salzberg and finally to Vienna. As someone with dietary requirements travelling abroad (or even going out for dinner) can make me quite nervous. I almost always… View Post

Whilst enjoying a walk in a sunshine last week my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this gorgeous meadow filled with wildflowers. The blogger in me knew we simply had to come back to capture some photos in this truly stunning location. Flowers like these always remind me of fairytales and magical woods, they take me back to the days when a combination of Enid Blyton stories and childish imagination meant I would spend hours thinking up stories about the fairies who lived in my garden (because Peter Pan taught us what happens when people don’t believe in fairies!).

Going somewhere you naturally beautiful inspired me to put together an equally whimsical but still daytime appropriate outfit and start this series of outfit fairytales! So…… View Post

Mother Nature’s Gift. Your time of month. Telling your friends that you “came on” so you don’t really fancy that night on the town. Periods are something that most of us would rather not have to talk about, in fact they are something that most women would rather simply not have. Despite this billions of women across the world have to deal with them once a month. Last month at a bloggers event I discovered a brand whose goal is to make your period a little bit easier.

Pink Parcel is a unique subscription box service that contains everything you need to survive your period as well as beauty and lifestyle treats to brighten up your day when you are feeling a bit rubbish! For just £10.50 a month you can get everything you need delivered to your door in discrete, sleek packaging and your first box is only £6.99. You can cancel or suspend your subscription at anytime and there are no minimum durations when you sign up. They even do a Teen Parcel aimed at 11-15 year olds! As you can send a Pink Parcel as a gift I think it would be a lovely surprise for someone just starting their periods and if my sister is nice to me she might be lucky enough to receive one!… View Post

At the end of June I was fortunate enough to attend another event hosted by the wonderful team over at Bloggers Hangout, I always look forward to attending these events and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. As always there was a range of brands featured as well as a variety of things to do. This was the first blogger event to which I brought a… View Post